Blogging Again

Saturday, September 06, 2014

If there's a will, there's a way. TADA! Welcome to my new blog. I thought blogging will never come in my way again. However, I miss it! I miss writing about everything that my mind dictates. Am I destined to write?

Well, how's my new domain name? I chose missmenchie because basically it's all about me: the things I love most and those I hated. Everything that comes to my mind that I can share will definitely be pasted here. My blog template is not complete yet, but I will try my very best to make it a blast! Are you ready?

BTW, here’s a brief history of me being a blogger.

When I was in second year college, I stayed at my friend's apartment for one semester and she introduced me to blogging. Her name is Kai Darul (you might wanna check her blog too: I consider myself as her fan when it comes to writing and I think that was my opener to challenge myself to write also (because I'm not really into writing until I met her). So I started my blog as and that's a free domain. After several months, I bought a domain changing to .com. Unfortunately, my laptop was destroyed and I stop blogging. In 2013, when I was a graduating student, I made because I wanted to write and share cool stuff about fashion. But another unfortunate reason happened. I got low grades and I’m worried at that time that I not gonna able to graduate. My fashion blog was one of the painful things I let go.

My college tragedy was all over now because I already graduated and I was able to add 3 letters (CPA) in my name. Yohoo! Good news also because I was able to get a job, so I have the means in putting up and hopefully maintain this cute blog of mine. Thank you for my ever dearest BF who supported me all through the way in making this a reality.

P.S. Sorry of the sentence construction. I wasn't able to write for a couple of years. I just miss everything! Hope you drop by again. :)



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  1. Congratulations to your new blogsite girl! Looking forward on your posts! Cheers! :)

    1. Hello Dora <3 thank you! Will post fashion and make up reviews soon! Hope you will love it :D