Monday, April 06, 2015

First of all, let me tell you a quick history.

This is not my first time at Tony and Jackey. I tried their Keratin treatment last year at SM San Lazaro and I was very satisfied with the service especially Monica who did my haircut. I also tried their rebonding system at SM North Annex since I’ve read many good reviews about it. And the service was great as always. Last January, I missed my layered hair which was not achieved by other salons, so I find Monica in T & J website and I found out that she was now assigned in MOA.

Here is my latest experience at this salon availing Keratin Treatment + Haircut

I showed to Monica a picture of my layered/slash hair last year but I said the short version. She immediately knew the style that I wanted and started her magic! I was not looking on how it goes because I am very confident with the result. Really.

last year haircut by Ms Monica

After the haircut, one of the assistant applied the treatment and leaves it for about 20 minutes. While waiting, my boyfriend and I had fun in their tricky mirror and took a picture of it and a bunch of selfie photos! haha ^.^ I also love the ambiance because it looks cozy and relaxing to the eyes. There’s music and free internet connection too.

After washing my hair, Monica checked my hair and does some final touches. Then, they iron my hair which I am really amazed (as always) because it only took for about 10 minutes. I like the hair iron they are using because my very curly hair will quickly straighten. Unlike my current hair iron, I usually used the hair iron for about 30 minutes for my whole hair. Plus, the assistants were really expert in ironing your hair so it was very fast.

Then, TADA!


With Ms. Pretty Monica :D

my new profile pic in FB! Thank T and J :D
Aside from Keratin Treatment, I also purchased a very big conditioner. I’m still using it now and I think it will last for about 3 months because it’s very huge! I love the scent in this conditioner and will buy the shampoo probably next few days. I’m taking one step at a time in purchasing them because it will affect my weekly budget. :)

-Final Verdict-

Yes, I would definitely come back in this salon. :D

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  1. How much po yung nagasto mo sa keratin treatment?

    1. Hello Trisha! Thank you for dropping by in my blog. I paid 1500 for treatment and haircut. 🙂

  2. Hello! How much yung conditioner you purchased?

  3. Hi, how long does keratin treatment lasts?