Saturday, May 02, 2015

Whether you put a heavy makeup or a light one, you must clean your face at night before going to sleep. Why? It will make your skin breathe and feel clean. Makeup tends to clog your pores and can cause acne or whatever bad vibes on your face. I'm pretty sure that removing them require less of your time than putting them on. Agree?

Yes, I am guilty that sometimes, I tend to forget that I have makeup on, or I am just very tired that I don't bother removing it at night. For me to avoid that, I think of a very painful pimple that will visit tomorrow if I do not clean my face now. And it's very helpful in pushing away my laziness! hahaha I guess it's a mind trick that can be useful to you to... If you're like me. :)

Anyway, let's move on to the steps in REMOVING YOUR MAKEUP.

1. The first thing that I would normally do is to remove the makeups around my eyes since it is very difficult to get rid of those waterproof eyeliners and mascara. I don't use force in removing them because we all know that areas around our eyes are very delicate that it needs a gentle touch. Instead of rubbing them off, I used a gentle makeup remover made specifically for sensitive areas like eyes and lips. With a round cotton pad, I gently put them on the eyes and wait for a couple of seconds and gentle wipes the cotton pads to remove excess dirt. I prefer to used oil-based makeup remover because I find it easy and fast in this area. However, water-based remover can do its job too.

2. After the eyes, I go straight to my lips. I used the same makeup remover but with a new cotton pad. Even if you are a lipstick-eater like me, don't skip this step to make sure that even a tiny chemical will be wiped off on your lips.

3. Use makeup remover wipes for the rest of the face. Below, I just used a wet tissue because I am still on a hunt for a good quality yet affordable remover wipes. But when I'm on a light makeup, I usually skip this part because I think my facial cleanser will remove all excess makeups around my face.

4. And that's it! You are ready to proceed on your skin care routine every night. :)

There are lots of make up removers out in the market, and I think all of them can really remove your makeup. Just don't forget to use a gentle one on your eyes and lips. There are also many DIY makeup remover videos out there that you can try. The very goal here is to make your skin fresh and relax during the night.

Thank you guys for reading up to the end. If you have suggestions, please comment down below. :D


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