Cafe Seolhwa's Bingsu - A Korean Dessert Experience

Monday, August 10, 2015

I have been seeing this very captivating Korean dessert from my friend's posts in FB. They were raving about this place that most of them said that it's worth a try. 

Where is the "E"?
It was a fine Saturday afternoon. We took a cab because we don't know the exact address. All I know is that the place is located near Mcdonald's in BGC. We searched in Google Map and asked random people. And yessss we found it! The Cafe was located at the 2nd floor of Forum South Global, Federation Drive, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Philippines. And yes, the Cafe was just at the second floor of McDonald's

We are very excited as we open the door! The store was not big yet it was spacious. You can see pictures of animals, snow and Bingsu hanging on the wall. With all those designs, it will l. But the cold never bother us anyway.. haha! Except for Loida. :P

We waited for my boyfriend and then ordered two Large  Bingsu - Brownie Chocolate Bingsu (one that is recommended from our friend, Marielle) and the Mango Cheesecake Bingsu. The waiting time is 20 minutes, which I think is okay if you are not in a rush and just go there to chat with your friends or do site seeing of good-looking Koreans. 

(L-R) Gay, Me, Robert a.k.a Trebor, Joanna, Loida

Look at them! Taking a photo of the Brownie Chocolate Bingsu.

Pabebe Girls :D
That's my BF btw :)

For those who don't know Bingsu like me, it is comparable to halo-halo in the Philippines.It is made of shaved milk ice topped with your choice of flavors. The ice is very fine that it will melt nicely inside your mouth and blend with the flavor. 

Brochures available in Koreans and English. Amazing!

With regards to Brownie chocolate, it tasted like a dark chocolate which is kinda bitter. According to Trebor, "Kahit Bingsu, BITTER!" hahaha If you are a Filipino and fun of watching teleseryes, you probably laugh on her joke (he preferred her if you know what I mean) *pabebe wink*.  At first, I feel like the flavor is too strong but along the way, I kinda love it. It's not a love at first sight, but rather love being developed as time goes by.

Gay doing a monster face over the Bingsu

The mango cheesecake is the best among the two. You can see real mangoes and cheesecake in cubes laying around the bed of shaved ice, which is very lovely to look at. The taste? Hmm, PERFECTO! It's very creamy and not too sweet. I can say, "1 Large Mango Cheesecake Bingsu for myself please!"

I would love to go back and tried other flavors. By the way, the store also offers other foods like toast, sandwiches, coffees and some Korean dishes. Opening hours is 10AM - 10 PM.

My final verdict? A must try dessert. It's not a budget friendly though, but I would suggest to go in groups to share the cost. More friends, more flavors to try!

-Miss Menchie

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