How To Make KINILAW - A Filipino Food Recipe

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Kinilaw is a Filipino dish wherein fresh fish is cook in a so-called liquid fire - Suka (Vinegar). Almost all the Pinoys out there knew how to make this but some ingredients may differ. In this post, I would like to share my version of Kinilaw which I learned from my mother. 

The Cost?
I spent around Php 400 for 4-5 servings.

The Ingredients:

  • Fresh FishI bought a Tanigue fish and it's not literally fresh from the sea (since I bought it from the mall). Hahaha kidding aside, make sure that you buy a fresh fish because the taste will really depends on the fish itself.

  • Vinegar - Use a coconut vinegar or Tuba in Cebuano.

  • Garlic | Onions | Ginger | Tomatoes | Green Chili Peppers | Red Bell Pepper - You can do your art here in whatever type of slices you want as long as it's in little pieces. You can do tiny cubes, diagonal or whatever. Please refer on the picture below for reference.

  • Sliced Cucumber - This is optional. My boyfriend wants to add this veggie that is good for the skin. 

  • Salt | Vetsin - To Taste

  • Lime | Tabon Tabon Fruit - To add savory

  • Cut the fresh fish into cubes. Make sure to remove the bones. I also don't want the dark parts of the fish so I removed them as well.

  • Wash the fresh face using the coconut vinegar. (Just like you wash them in the water)

  • Marinade the fish with coconut vinegar for about 2 minutes or while you are preparing for other ingredients. After that, drain the vinegar. 

  • You will now make the sauce of the kinilaw. Scrape the tabon tabon fruit and get the fruit's extract using a small amount of vinegar. Please refer to the picture below to see the right amount of sauce.

  • Mix the rest of the ingredients. Add salt and vetsin for your preferred taste. Decorate the edges of the plate with sliced cucumber

  • And done! It is best served with not-so-hot rice. :)

Like this recipe? Don't forget to comment down below and suggest what other topics would you like me write. Have a good day!


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