Syringoma Electrocautery Review

Sunday, January 10, 2016

I had to wear a mask because my eye area is very red.
 I had this little white bumps under my eyes. It's very annoying whenever I put my make up on because the bumps can't be concealed. My friends who noticed them, when they look at me closely, asked me what are those and I don't know how to answer them. That's why I finally decided to
consult a dermatologist to examine what are these tiny little creatures.

I went to Colayco Dermatology Clinic, located at U-G 22 Cityland Makati Excutive Tower IV, Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. Pio Del Pilar, Makati City. The dermatologist is Dr. Mabelle Colayco. She has a very kind voice and pretty. She is pregnant by the way. I don't have a picture of the clinic but I promise you to post my second visit with a picture. :)

It's Syringoma. According to my dermatologist, the safe procedure to remove Syringoma is Electrocautery. She explained the process and what to expect after the procedure. She also mentioned that they will grow back after 6 months since it's in the blood (Parang pabebe girls, walang makakapigil sa kanila!). I appreciate her honesty and I still willing to give it a shot.


The procedure costs Php 2,000 plus an Antiredness Antibiotic Cream of Php 200. I also purchased a sunscreen (because I don't have one) to protect the affected areas on my face.

I can feel a little bit pain and I consistently applying the antibiotic cream.

Those little dark spots will be gone after 1 week according to the doctor.
The scars are white and a little bit visible. 


The whole procedure took 1 hour and 30 minutes. The assistant washed my face, focusing around my eyes. She applied a thick anesthesia cream on the areas with syringoma, covered it with plastic and let it settle for an hour. After she removed the plastic and clean some areas around my eyes, I already feel the numbness which is the effect of the anesthesia. Then Dr. Mabelle told me that she will start to cauterize the syringoma. I really felt the pain even if there's an anesthesia especially under the eye area. After the 1st cauterization, she let me look at my face in the mirror while cleaning the burned part. I was really shocked with what I saw and felt double shocked when she told me she will recauterize them to really remove the syringoma! Oh no, not just once, but twice that I will be going to feel the pain of that little needle that will electrically burn your skin!

After the re-cauterization, she applied a cream (it's very cold and refreshing) and reiterate all the do's and don'ts after the procedure. She suggested Cetaphil for my daily cleanser and apply the antibiotic cream to reduce the redness and for protection of the cauterized area.
My daily cleanser and sunscreen.

I will be back after 1 month to check if there are still syringomas not removed. If she notice some, I will undergo the same procedure for free.

After a month..

Post surgery picture
With Doc. Mabelle :)

Thank you for reading and I hope I this review helps you specially to those of you who are planning to get rid of their Syringomas.


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  1. you look very beautiful now! I have those too, but my dermatologist says they are Xanthelasma. Mine are not yellow, same color as my olive skin. he is removing them the same way your's are. I have had them over 20 years. So glad I found this new doctor nearby.

    1. Thank you Debra for reading my blog post. As of today, I have to bumps again under my eye. My dermatologist inform me that after 6 months, it will com back. Good thing it's not as many as before.

  2. I have be dealing with terrible syringoma over six years. grouping pumps under my eyes.i continuously taking treatment to clear them. the pumps was so embarrass and they somuch wicked to be removed. three weeks ago i found possible natural treatment online from a herbalist, i purchased the natural cleanser online. after i applied it for one week they all cleared off no pumps. I got ride of syringomas with natural herbal cleanser from Dr galiga Herbal centre. His email address Whatsapp contact +2349030608890.

    1. Hello Sasha, thank you for your suggestion. May I know the price of the treatment? Thanks!

    2. Hello sash a mam how can I contact date galiga I mesad him in wasp tried to call by no response m really worried about syringoma in my both eyes please reply me how can I purchase the medicine

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I also have that white bumps under my eyes. And you're right! It's very annoying coz' even if you put makeup it can't be concealed!That's why I always wear eyeglasses to cover it up BUT the bumps are still visible! I just wanna ask if 2,000php lang ba talaga nagastos mo plus 200 na cream? Gusto ko ng mawala tong syringoma nato. Nakakainis kasi kahit na may eyeglasses na ako halata prin pag may nakakakita ng malapitan.

    2. Hello Tin! Apologize for late response as I was not able to update my blog. Yes, it's only 2,200 because there is a free session after 1 month to check if there are still bumps not removed. I hope this will help you decide to remove your syringomas😄

    3. Hi Girls, I have the same predicament. My case should be far worse I have a lot, and it grows bigger by the way. Here are my thoughts upon researching and consulting several doctors:
      1. Since these little benign tumors (that's what they are classified as) comes from within the skin, not on the surface it wont easily get removed.
      2. Varying treatments are available, but mostly the goal is to flatten it and make it seem minimal.
      3. I've tried consulting atleast 4 dermatologists and so far this is the treatment that I consider is best: Electrocautery and CO2 Fraxel Laser.
      4. This is a constant treatment, I've had around 7 sessions of this, the goal every session is to flatter it slowly, layer by layer, so as not to damage the skin, then after electrocautery, my derma will use CO2 Fraxel laser so to help the skin heal evenly, (some will have black or hollow spots)
      5. I think after few yrs of treatment I can say that mine have substantially improved (i will rate it 80%)
      Price depends but my derma charges me 1,500 / cautery and 3,000/laser (whole face so my acne scars got so much lighter)
      I really hope you can work on yours, be patient, and try to do few sessions before you see result. Good luck!!

  4. i had the same problem about syringoma, in every other year i asked the dermatologist to remove it. unfortunately no positive results especially the last time in *Nov 18, 2015* it gets worst, more and bigger! It was a nightmare for me since the laser treatment is very very expensive and it has no favorable results. two months ago i found a traditional herbalist from health forum, i took his email and contacted him, after some conversation he send me the cure for syringoma which i use to cure them. every pumps big & small they all cleared off. i'm happy that i got ride to syringoma. here is the email to contact the herbalist online.

    1. Hello Lanita, thank you for your suggestion. May I know what how much is the treatment?

    2. Hello mam even more suffering from syringoma long tum by I mesad date in wasp by no anewer m tnsd I dunno how I lol contact him

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  6. Hi Menchie. May i ask for dr. mabelle's contact number? I am planning to have my syringoma removed this week, and as per seeing your blog i decided to go to dr. mabelle. Thanks!

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