Michelle Dy 100K MEET and GREET - Awesome Experience!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Michelle Dy is a Pinay Youtube Guru / Make-Up Artist / Vlogger from Bangui, Ilocos Norte. Why I love her? She always have fresh ideas in creating makeup tutorial videos and I love her creativity in making those videos helpful, interesting and fun! I'm a silent fan of her, but I watched all her YouTube videos. And when opportunity strikes in meeting her in person, I did not let that pass. :)

My boyfriend and I arrived at the venue 2 hours before the scheduled time. Yes, you read it right! My boyfriend attended this girl thing event with me! Isn't that a #sweetmove of him?

Around 1:00 PM, we are (more or less) 300 people inside this room.
Madison101 Hotel, New Manila, Quezon City

This is Jheorge, the super witty host (slash) manager (slash) friend of Michelle Dy. :) She was actually reading my birthday message to Michelle. :)

My boyfriend won a raffle from one of the sponsors, Beauty Bask which was personally given by the owner.

 During The Boat Is Sinking Game - Love this photo!

Birthday cake from Enhance Cosmetics. Advance Happy Birthday Michelle!

A table full of Enhance and Schatz products. I want that concealer!!!

What I got from the game : BRING ME!

  • Bring Me Your Boyfriend  - won a foam cleanser from Tony Moly
  • Bring Me The Oldest Cellphone In This Group - won Cheeky Glow and Mini Eyeshadow Palette from Maybelline

It was indeed a successful event with the full support of Michelle Dy's generous sponsors. I was not expecting them to give lots of giveaways, discount coupons and loot bags for all!

With Michelle Dy! <3 <3 <3

Looking forward to the next meet and greet! :)


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