About ME:

My name is Menchie Anne Gutierrez, CPA. I am 23 (2015) years old from the municipality of Lopez Jaena. Misamis Occidental, Philippines. I am an alumni of MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology as BS Accountancy graduate. I have 9 siblings (3 girls and 6 boys). Huge? Well, the more the merrier. I equally love them all!

I love pink and blue - perfect fit for each other just like me and my boyfriend <3. Reading novels is my newly found hobby (I guess?). I love basketball. I literally playing this sport in college. But right now, foosball is the best!

Dancing is my passion especially during my college years.  In some pages of my life, I am a beauty queen at heart and I love to ramp on stage. With that experience, I am more confident in dealing with people. Moreover, stage fright is not that scary anymore.

I am into fashion trends and make up lover. I believe that they enhance my outer beauty that perfectly matches my inner one (I'm a good girl BTW).

About my Blog:

This blog of mine is my online diary. I want to cherish those things that molded me, as ME. And the best way to remember them is to write them together with a bunch of pictures. As you scan every pages, you get to know me better and that's awesome!

I will also write reviews related to clothes, accessories, make ups that I have to help you out with those tons of brands everywhere. My experiences with foods will also be present in my blog as well as future travels in every spot of the world.

I will be very glad if you help me out building my online diary by commenting on my posts, write a letter with your suggestions, or simply reading my posts. Your presence here is highly valued! :)